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Balloon Figures

Life Size Figures

Since we have been doing these figures, also known as 'Greeters', they have absolutely taken off!. They are such fun and quite the talking point at your event. We have had reports of them joining in the fun on the dance floor doing the Congo around the room, in the shower, in the bed and even being kidnapped and taken on-board the North Sea Ferries.

We try our hardest to make them look like the recipients, in a comic way of course!

We have done accompanying members of the family including the Children, Dogs, Cats and even Chickens!

'Mini-me' Figures

Our 'Mini-me' figures are a small version of the life size people but just as fun!

They can be used on present, cake or top tables, or as centrepieces.

We have done weddings and parties. more recently we have done Star Wars figures, Disney figures and Alice and Wonderland figures.

We can also do famous people for themed parties, we have done so many including famous Footballers, Elvis and Michael Jackson.

They are a fun and unusual talking point for your event.

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